Fred Twisting

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Larry Rivers, 1987 Oil on Canvas on Sculpted Foamboard

3D, Fred Astaire, did a Art and Artist series he would paint artists face and something resembling their works - this is a bit outside of that - Fred has Roy's face- Roy Litchenstein and Larry were friends - and they looked alike - Lichtenstein background with Fred twisting. Blue chip. 


BIO: Jew, born in 1923 from the Bronx, changed his name as a young kid, talented musican and got a scholarship to Julliard for saxophone but didnt take it seriously - he is credited with Pop Art - which means without him we wouldn't have andy warhol as we know it - friends with De Kooning, Pollock, split time between city and South Hampton, resident at Chelsea Hotel in 60's, part of the beat movement - allen Ginsberg, Frank O'hara, they influenced one another in terms of their work - Larry had a relationship with Frank O'Hara who died in 1961 and got hit by a car which was the last relationship he had with a man - he wasn't gay - it was the human he was attracted to. The only thing he cared about was being stimulated creatively - everything was put to the side because he only knew how to be an artist, didn't know how to be a father, partner etc.  Prolific, experimental, ton of diff genres, first to use typography on paintings, Andy Warhol met Larry in the 60's and Larry was doing something with camel cigarettes and Andy saw it and did it with Campebll's soup. Larry died 2002. Everything went to NYU. in 2010, vanity fair wants to interview his daughters