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Peterpaul Ott
Peterpaul Ott Sale price$475.00 USD
Organic Form Wood Bowl
Organic Form Wood Bowl Sale price$275.00 USD
Vintage Brass Airplane
Vintage Brass Airplane Sale price$240.00 USD
1950's Brass Ladder Bookends
1950's Brass Ladder Bookends Sale price$725.00 USD
Carved Fish Prize
Carved Fish Prize Sale price$140.00 USD
Curtis Lafollette Creamer and Teapot
Curtis Lafollette Creamer and Teapot Sale price$4,800.00 USD
Art Deco Stand
Art Deco Stand Sale price$425.00 USD
Brass Ashtray
Brass Ashtray Sale price$225.00 USD
Handmade Barbwire Basket
Handmade Barbwire Basket Sale price$275.00 USD
Wooden Form Bookends
Wooden Form Bookends Sale price$325.00 USD
Dusted Rose Marble Bookends
Dusted Rose Marble Bookends Sale price$265.00 USD
Wooden Airplane Small
Wooden Airplane Small Sale price$128.00 USD
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Sun Goddess
Sun Goddess Sale price$550.00 USD
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Dog Bed Airstream
Dog Bed Airstream Sale price$1,050.00 USD
Wood Carved Whimsy
Wood Carved Whimsy Sale price$125.00 USD
Sold out
Vintage Kaleidoscope
Vintage Kaleidoscope Sale price$240.00 USD
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Vintage Eye Circus Candleholder Sign
Sold out
Arts and Crafts Snake
Arts and Crafts Snake Sale price$1,000.00 USD
1968 Toy Cargo Airplane
1968 Toy Cargo Airplane Sale price$495.00 USD
MCM Brass Andirons
MCM Brass Andirons Sale price$625.00 USD
Hand-woven Donkey Bust
Hand-woven Donkey Bust Sale price$75.00 USD
"Pop Up" (1972 Sculpture)
"Pop Up" (1972 Sculpture) Sale price$795.00 USD
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Travertine Candelabra
Travertine Candelabra Sale price$325.00 USD
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Industrial Metal Pedestal
Industrial Metal Pedestal Sale price$225.00 USD
Spring Bookends
Spring Bookends Sale price$250.00 USD
Carl Auböck Fish Shaped Bottle Opener, 1950s
Carl Auböck Bone Handle Bottle Opener, 1950s
Carl Auböck Leather Handle Bottle Opener, 1950s
Carl Auböck Leather Handle Bottle Opener, 1950s
Glass Cloche
Glass Cloche Sale price$200.00 USD
Vintage Striped Glass Bottle
Vintage Striped Glass Bottle Sale price$120.00 USD
1940's Authentic Balloon Molds
1940's Authentic Balloon Molds Sale price$1,200.00 USD
Paolo Soleri-Style Bronze Bell
Paolo Soleri-Style Bronze Bell Sale price$500.00 USD
Cairn Container
Cairn Container Sale price$150.00 USD
Hand Carved Serving Spoons
Hand Carved Serving Spoons Sale priceFrom $22.00 USD